The Story

Thank you for his visit and read my campaign,

I was chairman of a special developer of social housing for the underprivileged groups / poor, this project is a program to help the poor in order to have a decent place to stay, but with voluntary payments (not determined for the amount of the mortgage).

funding this project through social investors from various countries that we mobilize through the campaign ,, profit system that we run is to provide benefits to investors of 10% /month.by online payment system through PayPal, Neteler, ucash, Skrill, Entropay and WebMoney.

Through this campaign I asked for his support for this project, I am currently working on 1000 units of housing and flats with a total budget of $ 500,000

and has sold 400 units of $ 200,000, if among you all who read kampanyi is willing to join as social investors for my project, in accordance with the rules that we keep it, I will give you an advantage of 10% / month of your contribution to this project for a period of return of contributions staple for 1 year.

I apologize if this campaign is not in its place, but to run this project for its funding I have to do fundraising.

if any of you are willing this project as a social investor and want to get further clarification and clearer please feel free to contact me via emai


I would gladly welcome you as a social investor in my project and your name will we fit on the front page of our website.

Thus a brief description of the purpose of my campaign, I hope we can work well together for a long time.

note : whatever you support this project will be recorded in our database and entitled to a monthly appreciation of our mark of 10% of your participation

Our motto is “Charity AND GET BENEFITS”

Best Regards

Graha Multisarana

From Rudi

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